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Alternative Energy Package / Energy Package

Alternative Energy Package / Energy Package

The Alternative Energy package is composed primarily of: … an ambitious new target of at least 32% in renewable energy by 2030 has been fixed, with specific provisions to foster public and private investment, in order for the EU to maintain its global leadership on renewables.

What are the 6 types of alternative energy?
The most prevalent forms of renewable energy are solar, wind, biomass, hydro power, geothermal and biofuels.
The Best Examples of Alternative Energy Sources
  1. Solar Power. When most people think of alternative energy sources they tend to use solar power as an example.
  2. Nuclear Power. …
  3. Hydroelectric Energy. …
  4. Wave Energy. …
  5. Biofuels. …
  6. Natural Gas. …
  7. Geothermal Power. …
  8. Wind Energy. …

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