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LEMI / Plenum Portable 10W Solar Home System


LEMI / Plenum Portable 10W Solar Home System

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  • 10W Solar Home System

    The 10W/20W Solar Home System is one of our Lighting Global Verified Products. As the starting up of our product series, the 10W system present a typical specification offering the basic energy service for people without access to electricity. It has 3 lighting points with sufficient brigthtness and working hours. It help families living in darkness to obtain access to lighting, phone charging, radio and torch, to fulfill their basic demands for electricity.

  • . Overall specifications
    Model LM-LI010
    Solar Panel Polycrystalline type, 10Watt
    Solar Controller PWM type, 11.1V/3A
    Built-in Battery Lithium-ion type, 11.1V/4000mAh, 44Wh
    Accessory Constant current source type, DC LED bulb, 3W(200 Lumens)*3Pcs
    Working hours

    (Full battery run time)

    7 hrs for 2W LED bulbs*3Pcs
    Port 5V/1A USB port*2, 11.1V/1A LED port*4

    2. Product appearance (System main unit) and indicators


    ① Main switch ② Solar charging in
    ③ DC lamp ports ④ USB lamp ports
    ⑤ PV charging indicator ⑥ Battery capacity indicator
    ⑦ Load indicator ⑧ Battery ACT (reset)

    3. Product features

    * The system is of 44Wh sufficient lithium battery capacity which can provide long working time.

    * The system can power LED bulbs, charge mobile phones, rechargeable torch and radio, etc.

    * The system has passed Lighting Global / VeraSol, CE, SONCAP, SGS, PSI, COC and many other certifications.

    autodraw 2020_11_8 下午8_10_54.png


    4. Succesful story

    To date, LEMI 10W Solar Home Systems have spreaded out all over the World and enable peoples living in rural area to read, work and gather at night, use their mobile phone everyday without needing to travel all the way to local town for recharging. They also get access to the latest news and able to walk at night at places without streetlight. 






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