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Battery Additive Rejuvenator & Protector

Battery Additive Rejuvenator & Protector

BB-Agra Brochure

No need to throw away your old inverter batteries. These products will rejuvenate them (New Again)

SHAKE WELL BEFORE using, add BATTERY BB-AGRA to battery’s cells the specified dosage of your battery, you may have to remove some acid with your hydrometer to make room for the liquid and then put the acid back later when the liquid level has gone down. Charge the battery after treatment or continue with normal use and allow 5 charge / discharge cycles to start show the effects.

NOTE: it may take as long as a month for full effect of the treatment to become apparent. it will depend of how thick is the sulfate on the plates. If your battery does not recover after one treatment, you may need a second treatment. Not every battery can be recovered. BATTERY BB-AGRA will not fix shorted or desintegrated cells. Lower or higher dosages do not harm the battery. Take out all the acid sulfuric is harmful to your batteries.

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